Council aims to enhance club events

Group looks to include cultural club events, spread news


By Roxana Amparo, Editor-in-Chief

As the Campus Center Plaza finally closes up its construction gap, opportunities for students to start their own club become readily available.

The Inter Club Council is the go-to entity on campus with information on how to create a club.

The ICC is a branch of the Associated Students Union that focuses on club activity on campus.

Student Life Coordinator Joel Nickelson-Shanks said, “I want to have more cultural events that tie into the roots of the community.”

He said he wants to “pique” students’ interest and wants them to be proud to go to Contra Costa College.

“I want our mascot Comet to mean more, like Cal’s Bears (mascot).”

He said he wants to reach out to students to see what they want to see more of on campus.

To start the semester, a series of giveaways took place outside of the Student and Administration Building throughout the week.

From Krispy Kreme donuts, lanyards, and folders to hot dogs and pizza.

On Tuesday 300 hot dogs were given out to passing students. Ward-Davis said it took about 45 minutes and they were all gone.

Nickelson-Shanks said students taking Wednesday night classes had the chance to enjoy pizza and T-shirts from their 4-6 p.m. giveaway.

ASU President Safi Ward-Davis said the requirements to start a club include finding  students to fill the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and ICC representative roles.

Students must also find a faculty or staff member willing to serve as adviser of the club. He or she must be present during important decisions to sign paperwork. And lastly they need to complete an application and have the club adviser email it to Nickelson-Shanks.

Ward-Davis said it is mandatory to have an ICC representative to attend the weekly ICC meetings in order for the club to remain active.

The ICC representative is the liaison between the club and ICC.

“Having an ICC rep is important because you receive information from clubs and they report back to their own club,” Ward-Davis said.

The club adviser must meet with Nickelson-Shanks to finalize the process.

Last spring semester 20 clubs were active, Nickelson-Shanks said.

Ward-Davis said she wants the ASU and ICC to become more active on campus.

College Director of Marketing and Media Design Brandy Howard said, “It is important for students to become involved in clubs and events because it’s a great way to explore interests outside of the classroom.”

She said it helps students build job skills such as leadership, collaboration and project management.

The Students in Action club adviser Anna Chuon said during the school year they participated in various volunteering opportunities and collected data on how their acts of service contributed to the community and beyond as a whole.

The Students in Action club is a community service club primarily for high school students.

Tabling and fundraising help clubs attract potential members, Ward-Davis said.

An opportunity to promote a club is during the semi-annual Club Rush.

ICC holds Club Rush to give clubs the chance to share their club with the campus. The different clubs table and have sign-up sheets for passing students.

Ward-Davis said during Club Rush they have giveaways and invite students to participate. “That is how we get the younger kids (who accompany the other students) to then come to CCC,” Ward-Davis said.

Howard said one of the easiest ways to promote a club is through social media via photos, videos and graphics.

Now that the construction close to the SAB, Fireside Hall and the General Education Building is near completion, it will be easier for ICC and ASU to put on events.

Nickelson-Shanks said he would like to bring sports activities like dodgeball and basketball for those students who aren’t athletes. 

ASU Treasurer Frances Sanson said, “I hope whoever is taking over the president position of the clubs takes advantage of the new resources and spaces on campus.”

He said he is excited to see what clubs plan for the year.