Brix adds food options, customers decry ‘overpriced’ menu

People flock to eatery in modern Dining Hall, leaves them questioning value


Denis Perez / The Advocate

Brix cook Christopher Cabizo prepares a Philly cheesesteak sandwich from the Brix menu on Monday in the Student Dinning Hall. Brix is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays.

By Anthony Kinney, Advocate Staff

Since the opening of Brix, students and staff have been flocking into the Student Dining Hall to explore the cuisine the new food vendor has to offer.

But some are not as thrilled with the higher prices.

“The food is really delicious but it’s just too expensive for college students,” Contra Costa College liberal arts major Semaj Mitchell said as he points down to his lunch. “I got a bacon cheese burger, fries, and no drink and paid $8. That isn’t cool.”

Sitting between the Bookstore and the Student and Administration Building, Brix stuns by-passers with its window front that “blends perfectly” with the new campus buildings.

“The cafeteria matches the new contemporary modern look of the campus. It’s always clean and the big windows in the front makes it look pretty nice,” CCC music major Thomas Higgins said.

“I love the openness and sunlight the windows provide. Even when it is packed, it doesn’t feel stuffy,” he said.

Many returning students seem to agree that Brix is an upgrade from only having the Three Seasons Restaurant, Subway and the Bookstore as food options.

DD Farrell, computer science major, said that her only complaint with the new cafeteria is the food prices.

Farrell said, “The staff is really nice and it’s always clean, but the food is just too expensive.”

Biological science major Teaya Moody said, “It’s nice but it’s too expensive. We need Brix food but with Three Season (Restaurant) prices.”

Freshman students, like nursing major Melissa Velasquez, also agree the prices are too high.

Velasquez said, “The food is good. The (Student Dining Hall) is always clean and the food is reasonably priced, but the drinks are a little overpriced.”

The menu prices have increased due to Brix being operated by a third party vendor, unlike the old Three Seasons Restaurant, which was fully operated by the culinary art department.

Brix helps ease its customers’ minds and wallets with a daily “meal deal” that includes a hamburger or a deli sandwich, fries and small drink for $5.99.

Brix General Manager Jon McMahon said it is tough battling the high volume during the busy breakfast and lunch hours, but is hopeful once the Student Dining Hall  is properly staffed issues of long lines will be resolved.

The staff is also preparing to install a fountain drink machine.

Maryuri Hernandez, a business major at Berkeley City College, has been working at Brix as a cashier since the opening and she enjoys the work she does.

Hernandez said, “I love this job. Every day I come ready to provide service and a smile for all the students here.”

She said she enjoys helping and getting to know the students on campus.

“This campus has all kind of students — introverts, extroverts, the quiet ones, the socialites — but they all have a sense of community.”