Added signs designate pathways

Recently installed signage makes navigating campus simpler

By Jose Chavez, Advocate Staff

Parking lot signs have been added to the campus grounds in hope of offering more effective directions to get around campus.

There are about 30 of these giant blue signs, indicating where the nearest parking lots and buildings are.

The signs were introduced to campus in response to feedback on the old directional signs, which were found to be less helpful than they should be.

The completion of the new buildings on campus also played a role in the decision to add these new signs, as returning students may not know where the new buildings are.

Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King said he is unhappy with the sign on the corner of Castro Road and Library Drive, which gives directions to Lots 1-7, the Student Services Center, the Gym Annex Building and the  Student Administration Building.

He said the huge sign covers much of the new concrete “Contra Costa College” sign that it has been placed in front of.

This might result in the directional sign being relocated.

When asked where the sign would be relocated, King said it would be more convenient if the sign was placed back-to-back with the sign across the street, so cars driving from either direction would still have a guide, and the concrete sign displaying the college’s name would not be blocked.

King said the next step will be to remove all the remaining old signs around campus and replace them with new ones.

He said he is unsure when this next phase will take place.

CCC student Jocelyn Cortez said she has only noticed the sign located on the corner of Mills Ave. and Campus Drive.

She said they can get a little confusing when it comes to reading them, as some of the signs have arrows pointing in more than two directions.

Physics and astronomy department Chairperson Jon Celesia said, “It does seem that students are arriving on time more than before,” when asked if he has noticed a change in his students arrivals to class compared to previous semesters, prior to the signs being added.

He said he personally does not make use of the signs, as he does not leave the Physical Science Building that often.

CCC student Brenda Martinez said it was not hard for her to find her classes this semester.

The construction of the buildings affected her route last semester, forcing her to detour around the construction to get to her classes.

She said it was a lot more walking because the middle of the campus was blocked off and she would always arrive late to her classes.

But now that the construction is completed, students are able to walk through the campus without a problem, she said.

She said she makes use of the signs and feels like they are helpful and self-explanatory when it comes to figuring out where you are trying to go on campus.