Workshop explains guaranteed transfer admission

Transfer Admission Guaranteed (TAG) programs helps various majors enroll into Cal system


Denis Perez / The Advocate

Transfer Coordinator Andrea Phillips (center) helps two students access the Transfer Admission Planner website during the Transfer Admission Guaranteed workshop in the Library on Aug. 29.

By Denis Perez, Assistant Photo Editor

Students from distinct majors, all looking to transfer with guaranteed admission to a University of California campus, attended a Transfer Admission Guaranteed (TAG) program in the Library on Aug. 29.

Transfer Coordinator Andrea Phillips said TAG is for students who are planning to transfer from a community college into any of the six UCs that offer the program.

The universities are UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz and UC Santa Barbara.

Phillips said students who qualify for the program are assured admission into their chosen university as long as they meet the requirements of that university.

Each UC TAG application has its own requirements.

Students can visit for more information about  TAG requirements.

They must start by filling a Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) and reviewing it with their counselor or designated TAG adviser. 

A UC TAP is a “communication platform,” Phillips said.

It is an online planner where transfer students track and plan their coursework.

Students can submit their TAP and TAG applications from Sept. 1 to Sept. 30, and their UC application for undergraduate admission to a university prior to the Nov. 30 deadline.

Students will be notified if they were approved in November.

Phillips said the process for a student to transfer into a UC takes up to a year.

It starts on Sept. 1 when they are able to submit their TAP application, and it ends on July 1 when all of their units are completed.

Phillips said the students should create a separate email for the TAP process.     

There will be emails with important information that students must be able to access easily.

She said the “bulk” of the TAG process is inputting a complete college transcript into their TAP account.

Any AP tests the student took in high school or career and technical education courses must be included in the application, she said.

The information students provide in the TAP application is used to fill out the TAG application and the information then helps fill out the UC application, Phillips said.

Students can fill out one application for TAG to one of the six UCs offering the opportunity,  but can still send their application to other UCs, Phillips said.

Psychology major Stephen Belisarno said, “It’s up to you what you want to do with the information (from the workshop).”

Belisarno said he has two universities he would like to attend, but the workshop solidified his decision to choose UC Santa Cruz as his main option to submit his TAG application. 

He said going on college tours is exciting as he looks forward to transferring.

Phillips said the students who attended the workshop have “dibs” on free material and tours of campuses as well as emails of programs related to TAG.