Website links transfer resources

By Salvador Godoy, Advocate Staff is an online resource meant to help students learn which community college courses are transferable to any UC or CSU campus in California.

The workshop held in LLRC-107 on Sept. 16 was an occasion for students  to voice concerns or make inquiries about intersegmental general education transfer curriculum, transferring to another institution or seeking information about which courses to take in order to receive a degree.

Counselor Luci Castruita led the one- hour workshop and covered a step-by-step tutorial on how to navigate through the student-transfer online system, exploring majors offered at UC and CSU campuses and which courses satisfy the subject matter requirements for admissions.

“I found it really helpful, especially about transferring. Before I wasn’t too familiar using the ( website. Now I have the concept of which courses to take for my (physiology) major,” student Karen Gonzalez said.

Computer science major Haosen Xu said, “I wanted to receive the insight of what ( is about. I didn’t know how to select the college and major on the drop down menu items.”

Castruita said universities will require students to take upper division general education courses to fulfill requirements when completing a major.

“Students are encouraged to take as many lower division courses as possible (before transferring) when attending a community college,” Castruita said. That way they won’t have to take them at a four-year college after they transfer.

Taking the necessary courses is essential at a community college, but applying for internships and working in an organization is imperative to start developing the work experience for a major, Castruita said.

“Sometimes primary counseling services at both UC and CSU campuses can be full when booking appointments. I suggest students also look through alternative counseling services such as (the educational opportunity program) to receive that support,” Castruita said.

The website is not the only resource where students can find which courses are transferable to UC and CSU campuses. Students may also look through the Contra Costa College catalog.