Transfer Day provides options, opportunities to promote student success

Representatives answer questions, inform students about UCs, CSUs, private universities

Tashi Wangchuk/The Advocate

By Karla Juarez, Advocate Staff

Transfer representatives from schools across California visited the campus to provide information and answer questions about UCs, CSUs and private colleges during Transfer Day held Oct. 4 in the Campus Center Plaza.

Students interested in transferring had the chance to ask representatives questions about requirements, programs and other opportunities available at the university of their choice.

Over thirty college representatives had booths set out with information about their college to offer CCC students help with their transfer process.

“I think it (Transfer Day) is important for students to see that there are a lot of different options and to find out about what kind of financial aid is offered (at the university of their choice),” ESL department Chairperson Elisabeth Xiezopolski said.

She said students should ask a lot of questions to find an institute that is most fitting for them, and “not just the colleges that everyone says, ‘that’s the famous university, so you have to go there’ because it may not be the right school for (the student).”

“It’s is really important to ask a lot of questions, do a lot of research and find the right match for (the student). And that’s why Transfer Day gives (students) all these different choices all in one day.

Business and sociology major Isabel Ramos said, “This is the first time that I visit this day and I already went to two tables and it is been very helpful. Especially East Bay, they gave me a lot of information regarding my about my majors.”

“Today I learned the requirements that I need in order to double major,” Ramos said.

“I think Transfer Day is important because it gives us more resources and the requirements we need (to fulfill) in order to transfer.”

Nikia Moore, enrollment counselor from Holy Names University said the requirements to be admitted are to have a minimum 2.2 GPA and 22 transferable units completed.

“We have a lot of support programs, like tutoring and disability services. We also offer carrier services, so if students are looking to find internships, we have someone who help them with that,” Moore said.

UC Davis’s Transfer Opportunity Program Coordinator Renelle Green said Transfer Day is important for students because it gives them the opportunity to see the differences between schools and finding the most fitting for them to attend.

Green said, “(UC DAVIS) has a lot of clubs that support underrepresented students.”

UC Merced representative Carolina Valero said the applications are open now, but students can submit them up until Nov. 1.

She said UC Merced supports all of its students, and even has a center for AB 540 (qualifying nonresident students exempt from paying out-of-state tuition through Assembly Bill 540) students.

Valero said if students are interested in doing research or an internship, UC Merced is partnered up with UC Berkeley and UC Davis.

“Transfer Day is important for community college students because they can meet the person that might review his/her application.”

She said if students are interested in applying, they can contact her to set up an appointment and meet with her to talk about transfer information.”