Team celebrates sophomore players, earns 3-1 defeat

Squad outworked by Yuba College in home closer

By Jaleel Perry, Advocate Staff

The volleyball team lost its last home game of the season 3-0 against Yuba College (6-10 overall and 5-6 in the Bay Valley Conference) on Nov. 9.

Although they lost, the Comets held their heads high and remembered to have fun.

The Comets also held Sophomore Night during their last home game to honor the senior student-athletes on the team. Before the game began, the senior players on the Comets were praised and applauded with balloons and posters from family, friends and teammates.

Contra Costa College (2-17 overall and 1-10 in the BVC) started off all three sets scoring the first points.

“I think the (women) played really well and played hard,” Coach Christy Tianero said. “They have a few things to work on, but they talked a lot, moved and scrapped the whole game and still had fun. That’s all that matters.”

Yuba was at a disadvantage with three fewer players and no options for in-game substitutions. This was an opportunity for the Comets to use their superior depth to their advantage but CCC failed to capitalize.

Their last game was at Solano Community College Tuesday after press time, where they tried to end their season a good note.

The first set against Yuba was a long and competitive one early on for both teams. After a net malfunction, Yuba slowly pulled away with the lead at 16-10.

The Comets called a timeout when down 18-10 to regain some composure.

However, being down by eight points proved too much of a deficit for them to make a comeback in the first set.

Forced errors by CCC also proved to be a problem that allowed Yuba to win the first set 25-14. Prior to the first set ending, the Comets never gave in and kept fighting.

The second set began with the Comets scoring the first point again. However, Yuba quickly jumped out to a 7-1 lead, forcing coach Tianero to call an early timeout.

CCC scored two quick points out of the timeout attempting to rally, but Yuba maintained its lead by a big margin the rest of the second set. Yuba won the second set 25-13.

“I think we played our hardest and tried our best,” outside hitter Deanna Craighead said.

Craighead was one of the three seniors honored in the team’s Sophomore Night. The other two were right-side hitter Amy Palomares and outside hitter Alejandra Galvez.

“Even though we lost, I still feel like we won because we had fun and played our hardest,” Galvez said.

The Comets started the third set by jumping out to an early lead, 5-2, before Yuba was able to rally and tie the game at 9.

The third set proved to be a very intense set for both teams. Tied at 13, CCC and Yuba went back and forth until Yuba was able to pull away slowly.

CCC called a timeout when trailing 21-17, but forced errors ultimately ended the match. Yuba won the final set 25-19.

“They had fun and that’s all you can ask for,” coach Tianero said.