Current Project list mires parking lot expansion

Empty spaces tough to find on crowded campus

By Jaleel Perry, Staff Writer

Parking has become an issue on campus due to enrollment increasing over the winter break, but Contra Costa College Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King said it is low on the project list.

Following the construction of the new buildings on campus, more spaces for parking were made available near the former bookstore building.

Safety has been a concern to King, who wants to take action in creating more parking spots on campus.

“Well, we want to expand the parking lots and make things a lot easier and safer for people driving,” King said.

He said he wants to change the driving lanes as well, so people can drive through CCC with no hassle.

During most mornings and afternoons, many people are waiting to be picked up by relatives or friends. Cars are often parked in an inappropriate place while waiting for a student to arrive.

Completion of future construction work will make more parking available.

The upcoming demolition of the Liberal Arts Building will pave the way for a new $64 million Heath and Science Complex.

“First we have to renovate the Applied Arts Building. Then once that is done, we can start on the LA Building,” King said.

Beginning the renovation is set for July 11, but finishing everything could take as long as 18 months to two years, King said.

The current Building and Grounds and Police Services building is set to be demolished within the next two years, to be replaced with a parking lot which will offer more parking opportunities for students who have a hard time finding a place to park.

Nursing major Aryianna Miller said she often gets rides to school and that traffic can be pretty congested while being dropped off in the morning.

“The new loading area makes getting dropped off easier since I don’t have to hop out in the middle of the street. But the times I drive here it’s a pain to find a good parking spot,” Miller said.

Parking on the opposite side of campus from your class is something nobody wants to do.

English major Mikayla Robinson said, “If I don’t get here to school by at least 8 or 9 o’clock then I’m pretty sure I won’t have a good parking spot.”

King said he wants to get this done as quickly as possible as it would make driving and parking on campus a lot easier for students.