Brix offers vegetarian cuisine, promotes wellness on Mondays


By Michael Santone, Associate Editor

This semester Brix cafe, located in the Student Dining Hall, SA-159, is providing students with a more healthy meal option to begin their week — meatless Monday, a movement motivating people to eat vegetarian each Monday.

Focused on vegetarianism, meatless Monday aims to help animals and the environment, while spreading awareness about personal health.

Brix General Manager Mark Vincent said the eatery is working on adding more healthy choices to the menu, but the dishes prepared for meatless Monday are strictly vegetarian.

“We have been very surprised by the reception it has received. A lot of students have been interested,” he said.

Vincent said when students see that it’s vegetarian, their first reaction is that it’s not going to be good, but when they try it they become fans.

Chef Jason Rogers said he is creative when it comes to the dishes for meatless Monday.

“Like with the Lo Mein. The original recipe has shrimp, but I made it vegetarian,” he said. “I normally take recipes and remove or replace the meat with something else.”

There have been a variety of different dishes offered since the start of meatless Monday.

Rogers said there are no limits when it comes to preparing dishes. “We just want to create different meals every Monday, from different cultures.”

Business major Nguyen Ha said it’s a good thing that they are providing a vegetarian option because a lot of students on campus might be vegetarian.

“I think that there should be a vegetarian option every day and not just on Monday,” she said.

Vincent said it was a company decision and once the staff at Brix heard about it, they jumped on the idea.

“Our main goal for the future is to introduce people to eating healthier and really good tasting food,” he said.

Brix is planning to continue meatless Monday, trying new recipes and ideas.

“Having more healthy choices and promoting vegetarianism is a great way to get people interested in something new, while spreading awareness about animals and the environment,” Vincent said.

Nursing major Brett Coleman said the idea of meatless Monday is great, and if Brix is planning to continue with it, she looks forward for what’s to come.

“Meatless Monday is a good way for students to get involved and explore the world of food while improving their diet,” she said.

Rogers said it’s about spreading awareness to vegetarianism so people can explore something new when it comes to food.

“There is nothing negative about knowledge, and when you are introducing people to something new there is never anything bad in that,” he said.

According to Dr. Edward of The Global Health Center, vegetarianism has benefits including improvements in mood and less risk of stroke and obesity.