Nursing series reveals hardships, provides guidance

Four-year college students answer local concerns


Anthony Kinney / The Advocate

anthony kinney / The Advocate Cal State-East Bay nursing student Krystle Mendoza (center) emphasizes the need of internships in order to build up a resumé to Contra Costa Community College District students at Fireside Hall on Friday.

By Efrain Valdez, Social Media Editor

Nursing students from the Contra Costa Community College District congregated in Fireside Hall for the Nursing Network Series on Friday.

Transfer Services Director Andrea Phillips said, “It all started last year when we brainstormed for ideas on how to help our pre-nursing students and we came up with the nursing series. We ended up having one event like this last year.”

The networking series was put together by the nursing department with the intent of informing students about the professions they are pursuing and the process of transferring to a four-year school that comes with it.

“We got in contact with students from Cal State-East Bay and Samuel Merritt University to start the conversation about having a three-part program,” she said. 

“I’m actually a part of the work study program. I am a teacher’s assistant and I tutor at schools so this event was an opportunity for me,” Cal State-East Bay student Krystle Mendoza said.

The panel of seven nursing students gave advice on how to balance the load of work, school and hospital internships.

Contra Costa College nursing student Raymond Sadsad said, “This was actually very helpful. My two biggest concerns, transferring into a new school and getting into their nursing program, were addressed today.”

Many of the nursing students had questions about how to improve their resumés before they transfer to a four-year university. The panel also warned students to expect a lack of sleep and no time for friends and family when they transfer.

“We (the panel) told them to not fear the whole process of going through nursing school because we know it’s very stressful,” Mendoza said.  “I can relate to the students at CCC because I know what it is to be in their shoes. The advice that I could give them is to be patient and to find the motivation or inspiration that will help them get through nursing school.”

Sadsad said, “Our teacher did offer us extra credit to come, but to be honest I don’t care about that. I saw this as an opportunity to talk to the people on the panel.”

“I was once a pre-nursing student like them so I know all the questions and concerns they might have and now that I know those answers I can share them,” Mendoza said.

She said students shouldn’t get discouraged if they don’t get into a four-year nursing program right away. The process is going to be hard. If a pre-nursing student doesn’t make it into a program for a semester they should go out and get a job at a hospital to work for experience.

“The message of this event is for pre-nursing students to understand the path they are going to take and what kind of prerequisites are required to transfer,” Phillips said.

She said organizers sent out emails to students at CCC’s sister colleges Los Medanos and Diablo Valley, which helped the turnout at the event. About 100 people, including students, panel members and professors, showed up.

The next nursing series event is March 24 hosting nursing students from all around the Bay Area and the final one is on April 28, featuring working nurses.