ASU to raise awareness through ‘branding’

By Brian Boyle, Spotlight Editor

Another semester has begun at Contra Costa College and the Associated Students Union has already held several meetings.

The ASU has hosted its meetings every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. in AA-207.

The board is headed by President Antone Agnitsch, who served as the board’s parliamentarian under former ASU president Ysrael Condori. His board so far is much smaller than Condori’s, consisting of only himself and four other members. 

A full ASU board is comprised of 20 students and Agnitsch has a long way to go if he wishes to see a full board.

The current ASU board consists of Agnitsch as president, Huong Vu as vice president, Safi Ward-Davis as the vice president of club affairs, Zoey Li as treasurer and Diksha Chhetri as secretary.

“The ASU is having a phone app developed to inform students about what we do,” Agnitsch said.

He said the ASU is also looking to increase the amount of “branding” that their shared governance committee participates in, by handing out free items with the ASU name and logo on them.

“Last year we handed out a lot of things that said CCC on them, and we want them to say ASU so people know that it is coming from us,” he said.

Ahmed Mudhish, dentistry major, said he could not name a single member of the ASU, and has not been to a single meeting.

Nursing major Christopher Brooks agrees.

“I do not know where they (the ASU meetings) are. Also, it is an assumption, whether true or not, that the meetings don’t coincide with my school or work schedule,” Brooks said.

This semester, the ASU is likely to receive roughly $30,000 from the student activity fee. Also, according to Agnitsch, the ASU has approximately $20,000 left over from the funding the fee generated last year.

Agnitsch said that the ASU has a responsibility to ensure the money generated from the student activity fee is going to students.

“We want to let people throughout the campus know that there is money available for them,” he said.

The ASU’s Grant for Support Program allows for people through the college community to petition the ASU for funding necessary for events or supplies. Agnitsch said that the ASU is setting up rules regarding how much money any individual group can receive, as well as how often they are allowed to utilize the grant.

Brooks had a few suggestions for the ASU on how they should spend the money generated by the fee.

“As the name implies, it’s the student activities fee, so it should go towards activities for students,” he said. “There should be club fairs, movie screenings, things that influence social interactions within the student body.”

As far as activities go, the ASU is currently planning to host its Fall Festival on Oct. 28 and 29 at the tennis courts near Comet Stadium.

During the most recent meeting of the ASU, Ward-Davis said that the annual Club Rush event the ASU hosts is in a quagmire. She explained at the meeting that no club advisers had responded to her emails, and that the number of active clubs this semester is down from 22 to 11.