Wellness Week brings stability

Week to offer emotional, educational support

By Michael Santone, News Editor

Wellness Week, scheduled for Monday through Thursday, is dedicated to combating the woes associated with student life, and the approach of finals.

Instructional Counseling Assistant Vanessa Johnson said each day of Wellness Week will encompass a different health theme and consist of education, entertainment and food.

“I want to do this for the students,” Johnson said. “I just want to let them know they are not alone.”

As a former Contra Costa College student, Johnson said working through issues on campus was hard as it was almost impossible to find solace or resources.

“During my experiences there were no services, academically, to help me.”

The goal of Wellness Week, she said, is to provide students with “access, access, access” to resources on and off campus.

On Monday, with the theme “A Healthy Lifestyle,” students will learn about healthy food choices and the fact that they have access to CCC’s food pantry.

Activities will include a culinary food demo, as well as a mobile farmers market with a free food giveaway.

On Tuesday, a wellness health fair will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Campus Center Plaza and include resource tables, art therapy, zumba, a photo booth and a food truck.

A smaller resource fair will take place that evening from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Student Lounge for those who could not make the afternoon festivities.

The evening fair will have the theme “Taco Tuesday” and have giveaways, donated from the college president’s office.

May 3 will be dedicated to increased awareness of violence and violence prevention.

From noon to 2 p.m. in the Fireside Hall an “active shooter film” will be shown as well as a “Know Your Rights” presentation.

To end the week, on May 4, the theme will be,“Just Breathe,” which will bring awareness to stress management and self-care.

Activities will be held in the Fireside Hall and include three professionals to provide massages to relieve stress and a stress management workshop.

“Hopefully we can create an atmosphere of safety and support,” Johnson said. “I really want to give students that access to education, wellness and motivation.”

Johnson first brought the idea up at the March 22 Associated Student Union meeting where she requested the $2,500 to help fund the week of well-being.

The event and its budget were approved by the ASU on April 12.

However, the funds will not be released until ASU reviews the invoices for the purchases made with the $2,500.

“I totally understand that they (the ASU) need to see my price points and what I’m spending the money on,” she said.

ASU Treasurer Aireus Robinson said, “Wellness week affects all students and has the potential of really impacting and helping those who get involved.”

Robinson said that the $2,500 will come from funds gathered by the $5 student activity fee.

“Everything has been set in motion and the funds are pre-approved and waiting,” he said.

Last semester, Johnson, along with other faculty members, put together a wellness day which introduced students to health related knowledge and resources.

“There’s so much going on right now, and so many ideas floating around, I said, ‘Let’s do a week this time,’” she said.

Vice President of Club Affairs Jose Arebalo said Johnson really wants to make sure the college spreads awareness about health issues and access.

“Their goal is to reach out to (at least) one out of five students during the wellness week,” Arebalo said.

Often students don’t know they can reach out to counselors for help, and spreading awareness is good for those who need more resources, he said.