Women’s soccer squad continues losing streak

Skyline College defeats Comets, 5-0

By Robert Clinton, Staff Writer

The women’s soccer team drove 50 minutes to Skyline College in an unsuccessful attempt at earning its first preseason win after losing 5-0 on Sept. 9.

The search for the Contra Costa College’s (0-4 overall)  first win continues after they entered the match with just enough players to make this an official contest and not forfeit. “Our regular goalie (Christy Garcia) was out with a prior appointment,” assistant coach Magaly Juco said.

It seemed the Trojan’s were aware that the Comets didn’t have their regular keeper in front of goal. The replacement Comet goalkeeper Marielena Salizar (9) was immediately challenged by three corner kicks in the first three minutes. Each Skyline attempt was defended brilliantly.

Five minutes into the match, after withstanding Skyline’s unsuccessful offensive surges, CCC was scored on when the Trojan attacking players seized a goal opportunity as it presented itself.  

A defensive backline gave up too much space to allow Ileana Moncada to unleash a shot from outside the box. Mocada’s errant shot, however, became an assist.

The ball somehow found its way through the congested Comet box, only to fall at the feet of Trojan player Deandra Thomas, who tapped it in mid-stride, for an easy goal.

CCC (0-4) has been outscored 20-2 so far this preseason. The Comet’s came into this contest scrappy and ready to play. They were up to the challenge of being the underdog.

The Comet’s used a bump and run style of play. This physical game plan allowed them to get more shots on goal earlier than in any preseason game so far this year.

With 25 min left in the first half, however, fatigue was starting to become evident on the faces of Comet defenders.Trojan coach Kevin Corsiglia said he also picked up on the non-verbal cues.

Comet players began to relish the brief opportunities to bend over at the waist with knees in hands awaiting the arrival of their second wind.

Taking full advantage of a deep roster, the Trojans sent in fresh wingers and strikers to tighten up the pressure on an overworked CCC defense.

With fresh reinforcements on the field, Skyline poured in four goals within the final 20 minutes of the first half of the game.

Most scoring opportunities developed from CCC’s defensive left wing, which has proved  to be the soccer team’s exposed soft underbelly in preseason play.

CCC came out after the half freshly tapped up and ready to play. This time, the Comet goal had Abigail Perez (17) as anchor.

Skyline also made adjustments. Corsiglia used 11 of his 13 available substitutes to start the second half. “It’s still early in the season and we wanted to give all of our players some live, in game experience,” he said.

Skyline’s field is covered by AstroTurf, a surface the Comet’s are not used to playing on.  But the field’s location also offered another unique advantage to the Trojans.

“Teams coming in here have to get used to the size and feel of the surface,” Corsiglia said. He said the east to west field orientation fed a constant stream of Bay Area turbulence into the face of unsuspecting visiting goalies.

“The way the wind blows down there (east) can make the ball do some uncharacteristic things,” Corsiglia said.

“All things considered we played pretty well today,” Comet coach Amanda Beckenhauer said. “We still have players adjusting their work schedules to fit the game schedule.”

CCC successfully shut out a Skyline offensive for the remainder of the second half.

The Comet’s ability to sleepwalk through the first half and step up during the second has been a far too familiar trait for this squad, as they have only allowed one second half goal thus far.

The players must shake this habit in order to meet the expectations they set for themselves in practice before Bay Valley Conference play begins.

CCC will face its next opponent Bakersfield College in another pre-conference game at the Soccer Field at 4 p.m. on Friday.