Coach seeks to improve roster depth


Denis Perez / The Advocate

Business major Juana Ortiz dribbles the ball through cones during a ball touching drill at the women’s soccer team practice on the Football Field on Tuesday.

By Mayra Garcia, Art Director

With thirteen students enrolled, soccer coach Manish Doshi, this year’s newly appointed women’s soccer coach said he is still looking to recruit at least seven or eight more women to add to this seasons roster.

The women’s soccer program, for two consecutive seasons, has failed to bring forth a full team from start to end with a low number of student athletes filling team positions.

Brittany Castillo, last season’s women’s soccer coach, admitted the woman soccer team has had issues putting a team together.

Still Castillo’s lone season as coach ran a similar fate as the season before that. Every year the group of women that do show up to practice in the beginning of fall are excited to play a full season of soccer.

“It broke my heart because I was really inspired and ready to go all in and now I don’t get to play,” freshman midfielder Martha De Jesus Espinoza Castillo said.

The participating players of last years season were disappointed because the season was so close to being played.

Despite having to forfeit the season, practices did continue for those still interested in improving their soccer skills.

“We didn’t have enough players and coach (Castillo) really tried to reach out to as many of the local area players as she could to complete the team,” Espinoza Castillo said.

After many attempts of reaching out to the women on campus, the season folded because of lack of interest for this particular sport.

“I want to look into why there aren’t enough women signing up to play sports,” Doshi said.

Doshi said students might not know CCC has a good education-building program through participation in college athletics and said he plans to spread the word through community outreach.

Despite past circumstances, Coach Doshi said he is doing his best to recruit players for Fall semester and said he does not feel discouraged.

As executive director of Coaching Lil’ Spurs soccer, a Bay Area sports club for children, Doshi said he is spreading the word to not only local high schools but Richmond, San Pablo, and Pinole soccer club coaches. Regarding the fate of the season happening he said we could only wait to see the results.

Athletic Director John Wade listed motivation, childcare, “life matters” and injuries, as contributing reasons of low participation and said soccer unlike basketball or volleyball, requires more players. “Many factors contribute to women participation, the dynamics between men and women might be different but I am hopeful women participation numbers will improve,” Wade said.

Contrary to last season, games were canceled for having only just enough players to field a team. Coach Doshi said he has thirteen students athletes enrolled and wishes to recruit enough women to have a full bench.

Because of a 60 percent woman to men student ratio, Wade said he is hopeful to see an increase in women’s athletic participation. Wade also said that Doshi’s soccer coaching experience in the sport and community outreach may help turn the program around.

Expectations to up bring a season this year is evident, Doshi said he would like to see the women’s soccer on the map again.

“Next year will be easier, if we retain members we will build numbers up.” Wade said.