Independent musician energizes crowd in first San Francisco performance

Cuco, real name Omar Banos, sings during a debut performance at Rickashaw Shop in San Francisco, Calif on Aug. 25.

By Louis Cano, Advocate Staff

In what was a stunning display of live musicianship, a rising indie star took a small venue in San Francisco packed with loyal fans by storm on Aug, 25.

Cuco, real name Omar Banos, is a 19-year-old Chicano musician from Hawthorne, California. Cuco gained a strong cult following with his moody dream-pop ballads. I remember discovering his music last summer before he started to blow up from co-signs by artists like Khalid and Kali Uchis.

As the venues entrancing disco ball stole my attention, the anticipation for Cuco to hit the stage started to grow exponentially. In Cuco’s
Friday debut show in San Francisco the crowd was starving to catch a glimpse. When Cuco made his way onto the stage the crowd went wild. The spark of energy was almost as if it was their hero that graced the stage with his presence.

Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco is a small venue so you could imagine how crushed a lot of us fans were. The physical discomfort faded into the background because we were so lost in the music. If I had to describe the performance in one word I’d say it was magical.

During “Lava Lamp” everyone lit up their phone screens as if they were lighters to create a beautiful moment.

Cuco’s band was amazing. The four-piece band was comprised of Breeze playing the guitar, Liano playing the drums, LA ViDA on the keys, and Esai, known as Chicano God, playing the bass.

On this particular night he brought out 2 special guests. Cuco had J-Kwe$t on to perform their collaboration “Summer Time High Time” and Jasper Bones to help him out on “Lost / Heart.”

The closing song of the show was the amazing “Amor De Siempre.” Liano went hard on the drums at the end of the song.

Fun fact, Cuco was sick and still turned out the show, I believe some of his band mates were sick too and they turned it out as well. Cuco shows the same loyalty to his fans that they show him by performing even while sick.

The concert was a great experience. Hopefully Cuco comes back soon to party with San Francisco again.