Short project evokes seductive vibes


Special to / The Advocate

Syd Tha Kyd released her new EP “Always Never Home” on Thursday.

By Anthony Kinney, Associate Editor

The lead vocalist for the band the Internet and former Odd Future member Syd tha Kyd drops an EP (Extend Play) as a follow up to her wildly successful debut solo album and promotion for her nationwide “Always Never Home” tour.

Channeling the same sultry vibe she proved she can produce by herself earlier this year with her solo debut album “Fin”, “Always Never Home” continues Syd’s trend of providing fans with the steamy atmospheric ambience and clever lyrics we grew to expect from her and her Grammy nominated band, the Internet.

Released on Sept. 7, Syd’s latest solo project “Always Never Home” is a short and intimate 3-track EP that gives listeners a glimpse into the personal challenges she’s faced from her newfound mainstream success and the overwhelming fame to comes with it.

She starts the EP with the bass-jammed track “Moving Mountains” where she lyrically paints a story depicting how it feels to give someone your all and not getting any recognition in return.

On the first verse she croons, “I could write a hundred songs for you/Sing em’ all night long to you/Even break the law for you, then tell the judge to blame it all on me/Still it wouldn’t be enough, baby/Got me questioning your love lately.”

Syd reaches deeper into the concept of unconditional love on the second verse as she sings, “Don’t you know I do it all for you/Catch a case, I take the fall for you/You don’t appreciate a thing, babe/Got me out here looking crazy.”

“Moving Mountains” is followed by the erotically charged track “Bad Dream/No Looking Back” that seamlessly transitions the EP from the heavy speaker pounding of the first track into the more seductive sentiment of intimacy.

The two-in-one track begins with hypnotic electronic piano keys creating a sensual landscape perfectly complementing Syd’s amatory lyrics she softly lays on top of the beat.

She opens the first verse with passionate, raunchy lyrics that boldly establish the tone for the rest of the first track, “Deeper than still waters/Exploring your peaks and your hills/You be fiending the thrills/Cause you’re a freak on the low/now go as deep as you can go.”

Harmoniously blended, the two songs leave listeners deciphering where part one ends and where “No Looking Back” begins.

The two songs seem to share a contradictory relationship, creatively binding the two together with a sense of ironic lust – “Bad Dreams” provides the sexual aura common in voluptuous R&B slow jams while “No Looking Back” plays as a cautionary tale regarding the messy emotions provoked when people are engaged in casual, “no strings attached” sex.

She finishes with the track, “On the Road” where she gives fans insight to the “on the go” lifestyle that she grew accustomed to over two distinctive head-nodding beats.

In a melodic cadence she employs through the whole track, Syd with a slowed-tempo effect on her voice sings, “Bout’ my presence, they offended though/I appreciate the press, but I don’t vibe with all the pressure though.”

Syd Tha Kyd will be performing at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on Nov. 29 for her “Always Never Home” tour.