Debutante musician sets high standard


By Louis Cano, Advocate Staff

he wait for Sabrina Claudio’s full-length project is finally over with the release of her new mixtape “About Time,” and according to her fans it’s a masterpiece.

Music aficionados may remember her early work, mostly on YouTube, when she would upload covers of her favorite songs. One of her most popular covers is “Halo” by Beyoncé. It blew up, earning the singer nationwide popularity. After earning the respect of music critics, she released her first EP “Confidently Lost” earlier this year.

When listening to it, it’s clear, Claudio has definitely grown musically since its release.

Her latest project opens with an enchanting intro, “About Time (Intro),” where she talks about starting all over again, measuring time and reflecting on aspects of change. Sabrina mentioned in an interview with Beats 1, that she “wrote every song about time in some way, shape or form.” Claudio had an inner-vision for the mixtape — and she delivers it beautifully.

Before releasing “About Time” she put out two singles, “Unravel Me” and “Belong To You.” The songs earned Claudio more attention, especially with the visuals she put out for them.

Her videos are simple, minimalist, beautiful and creative. Her music has gotten attention from Snoh Aalergra, Kali Uchis, Daniel Caesar and 6LACK.

Listeners should experience the mixtape from start to finish to understand her full artistic vision. Each song connects with the one that follows.

In “Natural,” she talks about falling for someone but not wanting to be with them because she can’t predict what the future will look like as a couple. However, in “Everlasting Love” she is willing to do everything to make sure they have a long-lasting relationship.

Listening to nothing but this album for the past week has helped me understand her as a person.

When searching for a favorite song from the playlist, listeners wouldn’t be able to pick just one song because the entire thing is a work of art.