Transfer Day breeds networking, transfer opportunities


Denis Perez / The Advocate

Two students talk with a university representative during Transfer Day on Oct. 3.

By Alondra Gallardo, Advocate Staff

The annual Transfer Day gives students an opportunity to ask questions and collect informed on different four-year colleges and universities from around the country.

Transfer Coordinator Andrea Phillips said Transfer Day is scheduled on the first or second Tuesday of October each year. It gives students who are interested in transferring face time with a representative from a variety of colleges.

“Transfer Day is something that comes from the state Chancellor’s Office,” Phillips said. “They coordinate with all of the high schools and community colleges in California. They happen all over the state from as early as August to as late as November.”

Career Services Coordinator Natasha DeAlmeida said, “It gives students the chance to talk to college representatives, even if it is just for a bit while they are on their way to class, and hopefully that gets them thinking about college and motivates them to transfer on.”

Outreach Coordinator for the Study Abroad Program at San Francisco State University, Shura Taylor, said it gives students a really good idea of what they offer and hopefully gets them thinking about college early.

“We get the majority of students applying three days before the deadline, so really we try to encourage them that the earlier they apply, the better,” she said.

Northern Arizona University Admissions Officer McKenzie McLoughlin said it is a great opportunity because students do not really have the time to do research on colleges and this is a great and easy way for them to get informed because it is literally put right in front of them.

The busiest hours on campus are between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., so many students were able to spend time at some of the tables.

La Raza studies major Luis Ledesma said, “Not only do we get to ask questions, but we get to build one-on-one connections with the outreach counselors.

They are really the ones who are going to help us through the application process, so getting that business card and contact information is going to really help us stay informed with that college in the long run.”

Nursing major Brenda Madrid said she knows that Contra Costa College has this event each year but she never attended it or took advantage of it until now since she is applying and ready to transfer.