Shift in Associated Student Union board opens opportunity for growth in interest

By Michael Santone, Associate Editor

Over the past year the Contra Costa College Associated Student Union (ASU) has undergone a shift within its legislative body and adviser, opening new opportunities for the growth and success of student life.

After its May 2017 elections, which yielded a new president, vice president and parliamentarian, the ASU has worked to adapt to changes while boosting membership and recognition for the 2018-17 year.

“We are stronger and more accountable this semester,” ASU Director of Public Relations Addy Brien said. “It was a huge learning experience last semester, but we found a safe ground for events and organization.”

Having been with ASU since 2014, Brien started out as a senator before serving as activities coordinator.

Over the years, Brien said she has witnessed her share of lackluster semesters filled with unplanned events, however, now the ASU is more organized and structured now than ever before.

“Last semester, we were too ambitious and tried to plan events that were out of our reach,” she said. “With a mostly new board, we had to learn our limits and begin slowly.”

The ASU, which is responsible for representing the student body of both CCC and Middle College High School, aims to boost the student atmosphere through events and discussions.

Events typically cater to the diverse makeup of the campus and include food, music and prizes.

Not only can members of the ASU Board organize events, but also on-campus clubs, as well as departments, can petition the ASU for a Grant