Women’s soccer team loses finale

By Drew Thomas, Advocate Staff

After finally winning a game against Merritt College, 3-1 on Nov. 7, the women’s soccer team (1-11 in the Bay Valley Conference) suffered a 1-0 loss in its final game of the season against Mendocino College Thursday.

Comet coach Manish Doshi said this season’s primary goal was to put a team on the field.

In the past, the Comets have had to cancel games and shorten seasons due to a coach leaving on a short notice or not having enough players.

After the game Doshi assured the team that he’s here to stay and that he is not going anywhere. He is dedicated to helping build the women’s soccer team back to a competitive program.

Unfortunately, this season the Comets still had to cancel games due to the poor air quality and being short-handed.

Comet forward Leslie Medrano said this season she wishes they could have played more games.

Missing games hurt the Comet’s chemistry, but losing games was probably more damaging to players as their confidence wavered and some did not attend practice.

Doshi encouraged the Comets to communicate, work together and do all the little things as that make the difference in a game.

CCC experienced some failures, but found success as the team used experiences from past losses to finally earn a win.

“The team mentality going up against Merritt was to get a win,” Comet Maxine Alvarado said. “Coach (Doshi) emphasized it was the final few games, so go out and play hard.”

The Comets didn’t give any second thoughts about being short-handed as players had experience in playing full games with little rest.

They were aggressive and focused in the win against Merritt and Alvarado scored the first score goal making sure Comets established a lead going into the second half.

Alvarado said the Comets received a huge confidence boost offensively and defensively after the goal.

Comet freshman Correa Shirley said the team was very aggressive from the start of the season and everyone contributed.

CCC had good ball movement and defended well putting pressure on the Thunderbirds as they were trying to get an offensive rhythm.

Before the second half began Medrano said Doshi wanted more communication because the players were bunched up leaving no space to spread the Thunderbirds defense.

“Doshi also told us to take longer shots because there goalie couldn’t react fast enough to stop the ball,” she said.

CCC began the second half with a temporary mental lapse which led to Merritt scoring a goal to tie the game.

Doshi said, “We’re focused on working together and supporting each other.”

Comet defender Stephanie Alva did just that thanks to the teamwork of players Juana Ortiz and Alvarado’s passing display.

Ortiz and Alvarado assists created openings for Alva which set her up, resulting in two goals.

“We just went out there and played our own game,” Shirley said.

Alva fought through contact and followed the play through which provided the goals needed to insure victory.

Comet goalkeeper Yajaira Celeso said the game was important and the win was a huge step for the team.

Victory was short lived as Comets did there best to challenge Mendocino only to lose in San Pablo.

“Any team that doesn’t work together will suck,” Doshi said. “When teams play individually, it’s a disaster.”

CCC finished the season with another loss, but the team can take solace in one accomplishment — putting a team out on the field to compete.