iPhone drives advancement of mobile technology

By Sean Austin, Advocate Staff

In advance of the holiday season, Apple introduced customers and longtime aficionados to the culmination of 10 years of work devoted to a product that would change the way people interact with their mobile device.

The iPhone X, even with its high price tag of $999, shows that Apple isn’t afraid to take risks and push the envelope of mobile technology. The iPhone X advances the dream that late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once had about mere technology not being enough.

He believed, in Apple’s DNA, the technology married to arts and humanities is what gives its products a holistic connection.

The 5.8 inch all screen OLED is beautiful. Edge to edge, the X is a smaller phone than the 8 Plus but still is formatted with the dual rear camera.

The motivation for moving past the home button was to make the option of returning to the home screen more intuitive. It also takes away from the need of the bezel at the bottom of the screen where the home button lives. By simply swiping up, users can return home or unlock my iPhone. No home button equals no touch ID, but security concerns have been addressed with the introduction of the TrueDepth camera and Face ID. What Face ID brings is more security around unlocking devices with its 1 million to 1 ratio for facial recognition. Face ID also replaces how Apple Pay is initiated. It re-worked how the user autofills passwords via keychain and also collaborated with third party apps that use Touch ID to continue compatibility.

Rear and front facing cameras for the X have also been upgraded.

The X has been given the same dual camera system with Portrait Lighting as the 8 Plus, however, the front camera on the X also has a portrait mode for the most efficient selfies.

The biggest advantage X users have is how well the hardware and software work together. Besides a few glitches and bugs that each new operating system can have, (we’ve all seen the one with the keyboard using the letter “I” creating an emoji in its place), Apple’s attention to detail is there.

If customers are upgrading from another device with iOS 11 already installed, the quick setup feature is by far the easiest way customers have ever been able to restore data to their newer iPhone. From unboxing to restoring from an iCloud backup and beyond, the customer journey through setup is flawless and doesn’t leave them needing to wait around in an Apple Store for assistance.

For shoppers thinking of getting an iPhone for the first time or the tenth, the X should the phone to consider.

It is a standalone device that Apple has put years of detail into from the stainless-steel bezel to its curved shape blend between glass for wireless charging capabilities. Since it is more expensive than most devices, buyers should invest in Apple Care Plus protection.

The price for repair will set customers back about $279 for a damaged display as opposed to a $29 accidental damage fee when previously covered by Apple Care Plus.

The iPhone X comes with only two color options, space gray and silver. Also, there are only two options for storage space, either a 64GB or 256GB capacity, the same as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.