Singer creates artist network for local talent

By Alondra Gallardo, Opinion Editor

In a city of pride and purpose, local artist Nancy Garcia finds her purpose in helping local artists come together and showcase their work.

Although Garcia is a Contra Costa College student pursuing her major in business, she is also a new up and coming artist herself.

Putting together networking events in the city of Richmond, Garcia hopes to create a platform for new artists in order for them to have a place to express and practice their work.

“It kind of just happened naturally on its own,” she said. “I had the idea to throw a party with all of my friends who happened to be artists and that’s kind of how and when it all fell into place.”

Stage lighting designer Abigail Armendaris said, “Recently (Nancy) started organizing these events. She does them so that other artists within the Bay Area can make connections and thrive with each other.”

Garcia said she wanted to provide a space for people who create.

“It is not just for performing artists — any type of artist is welcome as long as they are local.”

Garcia, who is very involved in the community, wants to give back.

She works at the UC Berkeley Theatre and the East Bay Center for Performing Arts.

“I’m creating an opportunity for the artist to get recognized and I really feel like we need that here in Richmond,” she said. “There is so much talent and unknown artists here but rarely any events are held in this city.”

She said the artists contact her through the “artnmuseic” Instagram handle if they want to be featured and be part of the event.

Armendaris said it has helped her create connections as a stage lighting designer.

“I had people contacting me and needing my help, which is awesome. And it’s all very helpful because when you’re just starting out as an artist you don’t know where to start or who to contact and these events do that for you. They form a huge web of (local)connections.”

Local artist Ehemiah Murray said, “(Nancy) is definitely ambitious and focused. It would be her to come up with a safe space for local artists to showcase their work and bring the community together.”

Murray said he performed at the two networking parties and also helped Nancy do what she needed to do to make the event happen.

Armendaris said, “It really takes someone in the community to step up and want to make it better and that is definitely Nancy, who looks at the community and says ‘OK, we are going to come together and make this happen’.”

Garcia said that since she started creating these events not only has she helped other artists, but she has also helped herself.

“Since I started these events I’ve been able to connect with a lot of people and I’ve been asked to actually host other events aside from mine.”

Around 100 people attended the first event she organized, and the second attracted around 300.

“We have all types of artists partaking in the networking party from break dancers, singers, poets, photographers, videographers, painters, comedians, basically anyone who creates really,” Garcia said.

She said to expect another networking party soon at a bigger venue since the number of people attending these events is increasing.