Clubs recruit members during annual event

Games, raffle and food breed networking environment

By Jshania Owens, Staff Writer

With scattered showers only adding to the ambiance of the tailgate theme, students involved in on-campus clubs came together in the Fireside Hall for the bi-annual Club Rush on March 13.

The event brought together more than 15 clubs with booths decorated in festive adornments manned with students ready to recruit other students into their club.

Among the participating clubs were the Outdoor Adventure Club, Anime Club, Okami Club and many other clubs specializing in diverse interests.

Students were encouraged to play games like giant Jenga, checkers, and Connect 4 as they collected stickers from each booth which could be redeemed for a hot dog.

Jose Membreno and Kailah West are members of the Okami Club, where members learn about the benefits of exercise on the brain. Workouts like boxing and jumping jacks are done to see how it affects mental and physical awareness before and after the activity.

The club also interacts with the Wright Institute in Berkeley, which specializes in clinical psychology.

Members of the Outdoor Adventure Club were also there to recruit new members.

“We plan on doing a kayaking trip with our club. We went on a hike this past Saturday and we’ll also do some cave explorations,” club President Julissa Martin said.

The club encourages members to be more aware of the outdoors and become one with nature.

As Club Rush entered into the afternoon, the Fireside Hall became increasingly packed with curious students who glanced and participated in the interactive activities.

A raffle was then held with two prizes including a Target Gift Card and a $25 Starbucks card.

The Muslim Student Association was also there to sign up new members.

Club President Rayah Alammari said “We want to promote inclusivity for other Muslim students and change people’s perceptions.”

Jason Yu, a member of the International Students Club, said their club is here to help international students to pick and pursue their majors, as well as choose classes and get familiar with the campus.

They also hold summer BBQ gatherings with their members.

A new club, the Mock Trial Club, encourages students to gain experience in public speaking and learn about basic laws.

Club President Gabriela Hernandez said, “We simulate real court cases and present them to real judges and lawyers. We also have witnesses and come up with strategies and questions.

“We get real attorneys to help guide us with our trials. This is the first club of its kind here at CCC. This club is great for developing presentation skills and teamwork, so you don’t have to only be interested in law to join.”

Student Elisa Allen said, “I want to join anything that has to do with adventure, so I’m looking forward to joining the Adventure Club. I also want to join the Nubie Club.”