Media coverage, commentary feed negative stigma


By Efrain Valdez, Social Media Editor

If one thing is certain in life, it is the fact that women are marginalized and given the short end of the stick in everything.

In the sports world women are continuously being humiliated by the media because of the unfortunate circumstances they are put in by the men that run these sporting empires.

It seems like the only coverage that women sports get nowadays is the Larry Nassar rape trial.

Even though it is an important journalistic duty to cover stories like the Nassar trial, the media fail tremendously when covering the women in sports.

The U.S. women’s national soccer team, for example, trashes the men’s team in every aspect of the sport.

They have more marketable players, have an eternal winning tradition and are flat out better soccer players than the men.

Yet the media instead only covers Hope Solo’s aggravated assault charges or Abby Wambach’s DUI case.

I am not trying to justify whatever they did or didn’t do. All I’m trying to say is that the media doesn’t cover these athletes enough to drive the narrative of their actions.

These professional female athletes that are much more successful than their male counterparts face many more injustices.

They are World Cup champions and get paid millions of dollars less than the men’s mediocre team.

Also, during the last Women’s FIFA World Cup in 2015 the whole tournament was played on terrible turf fields and it received almost no media coverage.

However, if the men were forced to play on such turf, Piers Morgan would be sitting outside of The Palace of Westminster shirtless in protest of the atrocity.

The media make every aspect of being a woman athlete difficult.

We rail Serena Williams when she poses “sexually” for a photo shoot but will celebrate when someone like Joel Embid slides into somebody’s direct messages on social media.

People in the media who are willing to continuously rail these women athletes will argue that they need to be held to the same standard as the men.

The male athletes are built up to the same status of kings, and then we tear them down like the Roman Empire.

Even elite athletes like Aly Raisman and Williams aren’t built up to the status of a LeBron James or Tom Brady, which hurts their economic opportunities.

We don’t appreciate these athletes because we don’t cover them adequately as journalists.

Williams is the best woman athlete ever, but we ignore her brilliance.

It is discriminatory to undermine the excellence of these female athletes because of corporate greed.

All of this will continue to until the media can pull their heads out their collective ass.