Renovation design for sports facilities in finale stage

By Efrain Valdez, Social Media Editor

The athletic department facilities’ much-needed structural renovations are set to begin on time in 2019 and will take place for about 18 months with the cost of the project still within the allocated $29.4 million budget.

Contra Costa Community College District Facilities Planner Ray Pyle said the renovation design plans on some of the oldest structures on campus are on target to be submitted to the Division of State Architecture (DSA) within the next month or two.

In August 2016, the College Council at Contra Costa College unanimously voted to allocate $21.7 million from Measure E (2014) and $7.7 million from Measure A (2006) to renovate the Gym Annex, Gymnasium, Tennis Courts and both the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms.

CCCCD Project Manager P.J. Roach said that the district will take the design to the DSA’s Office in Oakland and from then they go over the plans with the staff there.

Pyle said, “They are a permit agency that approves (construction) projects like this one and it could take them four to six months to look over the designs to approve them.”

He said placing portable classrooms and renovating and re-purposing the Tennis Courts to accommodate multiple sports like basketball, tennis and volleyball, will be the first work done.

Pyle said during the renovation portable classrooms would be placed between Comet Stadium and the Tennis Courts to accommodate the classes that would usually take place in the Gym Annex Building.

The Tennis Courts renovation will consist of removing the old concrete and replacing it with a new surface that has boundaries painted on for the other sports. The winch and handle for the tennis nets and the outer fence will also be replaced.

The placement of portables and re-purposing the Tennis Courts first is important because students need the classroom space and so that physical education activity courses can continue meet on the campus Tennis Courts, CCC Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King.

Pyle said, “We are really excited to be adding a lobby to both the men’s and women’s locker rooms and to the east side of the gym. That’s where the new main entrance (of the Gym) will be. There will be a concession stand, some offices and a classroom will be added too.”

King said that the foyer and main entrance area of the Gymnasium would have a ticket booth and incorporate the renovated rest rooms that will make the area “very presentable.” The current rest rooms for the Gym are located outside.

Pyle said, “We initially had plans to do the construction in separate stages, but it seems like we won’t be doing that because it’s more cost effective to do the work all at once.”

That decision will bring some complications to both the basketball teams and the women’s volleyball team.

Basketball coach Miguel Johnson said the teams would possibly have to play games at Diablo Valley College or at Helms Middle School.

“We will have a set locations for the teams once we get closer to volleyball season in the fall 2019 or basketball season in the winter,” he said.

The Pool, however, will not directly be included in this athletic department renovation project due to the lack of money allocated.

“The Pool is going to be done as a separate project because of the lack of funding,” Roach said. Funding for renovating the Pool has not been allocated, although efforts have been made to have it be a part of this renovation project.

Roach said campus and district officials have been in search of allocating leftover funds from past projects for the Pool.

“I’ve also heard about trying to get some contributions from the city of San Pablo or other sources,” he said.