Film club aims to inspire ambitious artists

By Jessica Suico, Assistant News Editor

In hopes of inspiring future animated filmmakers, a student-run Film Club is being formed on campus by liberal arts major JoJuan Johnson.

Still in the early stages, the club is looking to expand the opportunities of students who are interested making and watching film.

“I want to have this club formed and planned by the end of this semester,” Johnson said.

Johnson has been making his own animated films and music videos on his YouTube channel, “JoJuan4444.” He has been doing animated films for a few years on his free time. Johnson graduated from Making Waves Academy and was president of the Cinema Club there. He has been gathering knowledge on how to run a campus club and what running a film club truly entails.

Johnson’s vision for the club is to get students who are interested in learning graphic design, or anyone who has a passion for the medium. He hopes members will want to pick each others’ minds, brainstorm and make their own films.

“I was motivated to start the club because I wanted to grasp more skills of film making. Also, I thought it would be fun to include friends and other people,” Johnson said.

Early childhood education major Quamisha Hardy said, “My high school had a film class on campus and it had dance, singing and acting incorporated into the performances.”

Johnson said, “The main purpose of this club is to help students gain skills and knowledge of film production and communication. I want members to have skills that can be applied to student’s majors.”

Undecided major Ashley Portillo said, “I wasn’t aware there was a Film Club on campus, but I think it’s a good idea to have one and to get more students involved.”

Portillo is, self-admittedly, shy, and doesn’t like being in the spotlight. She knows that such a club wouldn’t be something she could get into, but she does have friends that she thinks would be interested.

Hardy said she would be interested in joining the club, but because she is a busy woman, her joining depends on what days the club meets and practices. “Film interests me because I am able to be on camera, acting. It allows someone to come out of their shell at the same time. You can shine like a star.”

Hardy said Contra Costa College is a great place to start a club like this because here students can express themselves without feeling judged. “I feel more clubs need to be offered on campus. A film club would make a difference on campus for students interested in film and related topics,” Hardy said.

Portillo said there should be more clubs on campus. She also believes CCC should offer courses that specialize in film production.