Samsung releases waterproof phone

By Janae Harris, Assistant Photo Editor

Another Galaxy smartphone has made its way onto the technological scene. First there was the Galaxy S5, then there was the Galaxy s5 Active with AT&T and now we have the Galaxy S5 Sport.
The phone comes in two colors; a cherry red and electric blue. The build of the phone overall is heavy duty, making it a bit heavier and slightly bigger than the original S5.
It comes with a protective shock-proof case made of metal, giving it a feel that the phone has a built-in case.
The phone features crisp and clear 5.1 inch screen display with a 1080p resolution that give images and video very bright, vibrant and vivid colors. The navigation controls are similar to the rest of the galaxy series with the off button placed on the right side of the device and volume controls on the left. The front is quite different, instead of being built into the screen the front bulky buttons are centered below the display.
Below the bulk-like buttons is an open/close seal for the charger port to prevent water damage. Yes, this is a water proof phone where you can take photos and videos up to 3-feet under water and for as long as 30 minutes.
The speed is much faster than the average phone, with the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor this phone offers a speed of 2.5 Ghz and 2gb of RAM. You get 16gb of storage and have a micro SD expansion with up to 128 Gb of memory.
It is a great phone for gaming and it offers several cool gadgets that you can purchase for your very own S5 like the lens kit with tripod, hundreds of fashionable cases and the Samsung smart watch that can sync with your S5 and track your fitness while leaving your phone at home.
The battery life is pretty good, holding up to 18 hours of energy. And the battery is replaceable so you can carry around an extra one for secondary power.
What makes this different from the regular S5 is the one-year free subscriptions of awesome work out apps such as s-health, an app that tracks your daily steps, and map rides for cyclist. These apps can also track your daily workouts, food intake and even check your heart rate by pressing your index finger on the back of your phone underneath the camera.
The camera is 16 megapixels with over 50 different types of settings and modes with even more room for download. My favorite is the ultra-shot mode where you can take speed shots with your camera to capture people or things in motion. This camera also works great in low lighting and can capture a better image than most smart phones.
There are also daily motivational quotes that appear on the screen that keep you motivated to stay active in your everyday routine. So far it has worked for me. I get excited tracking my daily commute cycling to and from school.