Voter registration prompts reaction

Women’s league promotes political awareness


Christian Urrutia / The Advocate

Gateway to College senior William Santos looks over a voter registration form as it is explained to him by a volunteer from the League of Woman’s Voters during National Voter Registration Day in front of the AA Building on Sept. 23.

By Mayra Garcia, Staff Illustrator

Volunteers from the League of Woman’s Voters held a voter registration drive in front of the Applied Arts Building and in the Welcome/Transfer Center on Sept. 23.

National Voter Registration Day is meant to not only increase the number on registered voters but also raise awareness regarding the importance of voting.

“This is the League of Woman’s Voters first time taking part of National Voters Registration Day,” Myrtle Braxton, coordinator for the League of Woman’s Voters of West Contra Costa County, said.
After setting up outside of the AA Building and inside of the Welcome/Transfer Center, volunteers spoke to students about the importance of voting.

Braxton said she wanted the attention associated with the convenience of bringing registration stations to students to help demonstrate the importance of registering to vote.

“Being mindful of the actions of people in control means a lot,” Braxton said. She added that because a lawmaker’s rulings determine young peoples’ lives, it is necessary to be politically aware.
Nursing major Ana Lozano was one of several students who registered. She said she registered because it is important to be able to vote in times of crisis.

Lozano said that although the League of Woman’s Voters is registering individuals to vote, there is little incentive for people to actually vote. She said people only vote when something is negatively impacting them.

Braxton stressed the importance of voting. She said any law that is passed would impact the lives of everyone for years to come. She said every person has the power to make change.

Although he cannot vote, international student Rico Salvador said registering to vote is important.
Braxton said even those who cannot vote could still make their voices heard by campaigning.
Guanita Barbarin, a retired nurse and volunteer, said voting should be something every person participates in.

“Getting student attention is a challenge at times,” Barbarin said. “There is no easy approach other than introducing oneself.”
Though some students hesitated when asked to register, William Santos said he did not have to think twice about registering.

“I think it’s good (registering) because there are a lot of people that don’t vote,” he said. “All my family members vote. It’s a good way to get your opinion out.”