Is that worth it? Burgers on campus

By Michael Santone, Editor-In-Chief


If you’re looking for an adventurous twist on the cheeseburger, Pronto is the place to go.
Often times deconstructing the American classic and infusing it with exotic flavors will yield lackluster results.
However, the Pimento Cheeseburger, currently on the menu, is a nice reprieve from the many prepared concoctions by Pronto.
Nestled in between a brioche bun and sprinkled with sesame seeds, the burger itself is stuffed with Pimento cheese.
This addition gives a strikingly different look to the cheeseburger, yet provides a pleasant surprise when going in for a mouthful.
A combination of tangy and savory flavors coat the mouth with a spicy kick at the end that ties everything together like a bow on top of a present.
Even opting to ditch the lettuce and tomato that comes standard with the Pimento Cheeseburger would still provide the same flavorful experience, only without the crunch.
Although the portion size of the cheeseburger is a little larger than a typical slider, the overall chemistry of all the ingredients tickles the taste buds into salvation.
Served in a disposable tray with seasoned fries for $3.50, you can’t beat it.
The Pimento Cheeseburger really embodies one of the better cheeseburgers served on campus. Although it may not be the most filling meal, its originality and robust flavors will leave a lasting impression on your wallet and appetite.



There’s nothing more American than a cheeseburger and Brix cafe on campus offers just that — a classic beef patty, topped with melted cheese in between a toasted white bun with lettuce, tomato and a variety of condiments.
This staple on many college campuses hits the spot when looking for a quick bite to eat during a break from classes.
The Comet Classic cheeseburger, which seems to have a light grilled flavor nestled in between its ridges, only provides a coating for the bland beef that awaits the tongue’s taste buds.
While fresh off the grill, the cheeseburger sustains its moist and tender texture. But if you plan to enjoy it on-the-go, be prepared for a more brittle consistency as it stiffens while on your way to your next destination.

Most cheeseburgers are resilient, often surviving in pristine taste and formation over hours, but once the steam saturates the bun of the Comet Classic, it’s over.
The first couple of average bites leave no real impression. With a bit more focus, the taste is reminiscent of the cheap cheeseburgers served at amusement parks.
Although Brix is run a la carte style, meaning each item is priced separately, the $5.98 price tag for a cheeseburger including the additional 99 cents for cheese could put a bigger dent in your wallet than your stomach.
And all without the ever so addicting fries to show for it.
Overall, the Comet Classic has its moments, especially after struggling through hours of lectures.
But, for almost $6, a more memorable taste should be left lingering deep within the taste buds.