Clowns, fiends serve terror

By Jose Arebola, Staff Writer

Horror rolls into town as a new terrifying attraction has opened up for those brave enough to face it and strong enough to survive.

The haunted house at the Hilltop Mall, hosted by Nite Terrors, aims to have patrons take part in an immersive horror story.

The show runs on weekend nights through Oct. 28. More information is available at

The show is set in a secret laboratory, Lab 5, which has lost all communication with the outside world and customers join the advance team of scientists as they explore unknown terrors.

The location is easy to spot with two jumper slides and a large tent set up outside of the old JCPenney building at the mall.

The atmosphere is quite intimidating, and while patrons are waiting to enter, they are surrounded by an interactive posse of horror actors.

Once attention is placed towards the haunted house, it is easy to forget any common surroundings as the sight of the haunted dwelling exudes suspense.

Made up of striking characters, the production is daunting at first sight. Those without a steady heart will be instantly scared as they approach the entrance to the laboratory. Creepy clowns and other terrors hover outside of the attraction, scaring any customers choosing to venture further into its horrors.

Within its walls, the haunt is constantly filled with surprises at the end of every jagged and uncomfortably long corridor.

Endorphins operate on overdrive as adrenaline spikes at each uncertain turn.

Narrow walkways block corner sights forcing blind encounters toward the next horrifying monster. Each actor is clearly skilled and times their jump-scares perfectly to catch patrons off guard.

The attraction immediately throws beautifully grim set designs at participants from the first room to the last.

A mixture of quiet dread and curdling screams await visitors as each room brings a new scene. The production crew makes sure to offer plenty of variety.

Moving from run-down laboratories, to bloody operating rooms, the walls are filled with all kinds of surprises. The walls are covered with haunting decor straight out of a cult horror film.

The cast is realistic and engaging in every one of their roles and each actor brings their character to life in the scariest ways possible. Most characters are believable, whether they follow visitors quietly muttering down halls or scream for help drenched in blood.

The actors bring the chills directly into the face of startled visitors.

Whether it’s chasing patrons down a hall or popping up behind them, no moment is ever calm inside the production. There is no way to avoid getting scared at this haunted house, which makes it a great choice for those who aren’t used to these attractions.

Just walking along the path is enough to have a good time and the crew will make sure that everyone gets a good scream or two.

Costume designers have certainly done a great job bringing out their best efforts. Each actor looks more terrifying than the previous. Just seeing them is scary enough, then they growl at you.

Colorful large props and intense chilling makeup help bring these scenes to life.

The characters’ imposing look is backed up by chilling dialogues to skillfully create a memorable nightmare.

Thrill-seeker or not, this nightmare is going to be a terrifying and thrilling experience for all.