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Male perspective clouds reality of egalitarian life

By Alondra Gallardo, Opinion Editor

March 21, 2018

Inside the society we live in we all have roles that we are expected to take on so that as a whole we can function in a somewhat orderly fashion. However, when we live in a society that is built up by only one side of the popu...

Budget limits resurgence of women’s studies plan

By Roxana Amparo and Marlene Rivas, Staff Writers

March 9, 2016

Throughout the district’s three campuses there has not been an active women’s studies program or Women’s Center for more than 30 years. “It makes me feel like we’re going backward,” sociology professor Majeedah Rah...

Societal pressures denote feminism’s message

By Asma Alkrizy, Staff Writer

October 13, 2015

Feminism tends to discourage individuals from advocating for gender equality because it is associated with the connotation that it is reserved for women. Because of that connotation, not many people are capable of identifying them...

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