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Voting project aims for student engagement

By Andrew Weedon, Scene Editor

May 1, 2018

A new project to encourage students to vote by providing various resources and increasing visibility was approved by the Associated Student Union on Feb. 14. The ASU voted unanimously to adopt the goals of the Student Voting Project, ...

Stand up for your ideals

By The Advocate, Editorial Board

November 3, 2016

Our democracy has been compromised. We are living in a time in which the best presidential candidates our primary election process could produce are a lying career politician and a corrupt real estate mogul. It is the most impor...

Primaries spark public interest

By Lorenzo Morotti, Associate Editor

May 18, 2016

Deep into the 2016 presidential primary race, Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate and the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is unable to close Bernie Sanders’ path to the nomination. “When I think of electing a president, I l...

ASU holds elections, seeks new members

By Xavier Johnson and Lorenzo Morotti, Staff Writers

May 9, 2016

Voting polls for electing executive positions in the Associated Students Union will be open Thursday to May 11 through students’ Insite Portal emails, and at polling stations outside AA-109 in between the Bookstore and the ...

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