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Faculty talk Alt-Right movement

By Benjamin Bassham, News Editor

March 8

Filed under Campus Beat

A faculty-led Flex workshop, intended to be an open forum to discuss the Alternative Right and its ideologies with students and faculty was held from 3-5 p.m. in the Fireside Hall on Feb. 27. Philosophy professor Asad Kabir hosted the e...

Election cycle exposes gender biases

By Roxana Amparo, Editor-in-Chief

November 3

Filed under Spotlight

The arena of politics is known to be a man’s place. But with a woman candidate running for president of the U.S., women are being constantly reminded of the struggles of being a woman. “A lot of men think a women can...

Club highlights democratic rights

By Salvador Godoy, Advocate Staff

October 6

Filed under Campus Beat, News

After a year in the works, the Democratic Society Club launched this fall semester with the aim of influencing students to get involved in politics and to recognize the full extent of their democratic rights by registering to vote....

Group builds political insight

By Reggie Santini, Advocate Staff

September 16

Filed under Campus Beat, News

The Community Organizing and Political Action (COPA) club gives students a voice and puts them in charge of their political domain. Contra Costa College COPA club President Alex W. Griffin said, “I want to get more people p...

The Student Voice Of Contra Costa College, San Pablo, Calif.