Online ordering, pick-up, fills service void at lunch

Three Seasons Restaurant provides faculty option to order via email

By Magali Mercado, Staff Writer

The Three Seasons Restaurant now has an online pick up ordering service for all faculty and staff members at Contra Costa College.

“We are trying (online ordering service) this semester as a pilot to see if the pick up option works and how all this works out for us,” culinary arts department Chairperson Nader Sharkes said.

Culinary arts instructional assistant Wing Man Chau said faculty and staff who log into their insight portal and go under department options there is a CCC culinary arts section. Here, Chau said, there is a menu and the pick up order form.

She said along with a consistent menu, there will be an additional menu that will list out specialty plates that vary from month to month.

She said orders will be sent to Sharkes or Chau and then to the kitchen, followed by a confirmation email to the person that made the order.

The online order and pick up system is an option for faculty members that are constantly busy and have short breaks. They can’t always come eat or have much time to wait around, with this they just pick it up, Chau said.

Senior Administrative Assistant Lorena Cortez said, “It definitely has a convenience factor, which is what we are all about now.”

Sharkes said so far the service was introduced to faculty only, but the possibility for students to use it is open.

“We are still working out the logistics of (online ordering and pick up service),” he said.

As for the culinary department implementing a delivery service system, it seems that could be an option but nothing has been worked out yet.

“If things go well then next semester it could be a possibility to deliver, but as of now we are low on hands, there are about 80 students in the culinary program it’s not enough for a delivery service.”

Cortez said whether the delivery service happens or not, the interest is there.

“(A delivery system) would be great. It’s about saving time and many people would go for that since it’s difficult to get around campus,” she said.

Sharkes said the culinary department’s new service is going well so far.

“(Computer Network Technician) Evren (Gurson) is helping us develop (a phone app) and make this service possible,” he said. “(Gurson) works with the tech side of all this — I expect it will work better in future.”