ASU dinner targets evening population

Proposal aims to bridge gap

By Jose Jimenez, Spotlight Editor

The ASU has tentatively scheduled a dinner on Dec. 7 for Contra Costa College students who prowl the night on campus looking for some grub before evening classes.

Inter-Club Council President Safi Ward-Davis came up with the idea to bring students and faculty together outside of the Applied Arts Building.

“It’s for the students in the nighttime to voice their opinions and concerns, since most of them are not here during the day,” Ward-Davis said. “This is the first time CCC will host such an event at night. The dinner will serve a meaningful purpose for evening students.”

She said the event is designed to bridge the gap between night students and will allow them to mingle with the evening faculty.

Ward-Davis said the dinner will be called “Dinner with the Faculty.” A preliminary time of 5-7 p.m. has been set.

“I still have to get with the Three Seasons Restaurant and students working at the Switch before we can get the final details out,” she said.

Ward-Davis said the date may change as well.

As of now the items on the menu include spaghetti, salad, dinner rolls and chicken. 

Undecided major Miguel Angél, who takes Physical Geography at night, said a dinner of any sorts would be greatly appreciated since food choices at night are scarce.

“I come here and Subway is closed and the Bookstore is closed,” Angél said. “All I have is a vending machine in the Liberal Arts Building if I’m hungry during break for my nearly three-hour class.”

He said the choices of food look pretty limited in the daytime anyway, but that “the new campus center opening up this fall should change all that, hopefully.”

Any donations are welcome, Ward-Davis said. The ASU is working to get all of her specific requests met so she can throw a dinner before the fall semester ends.