Recycle bins add funding to committee

Signal Advertising arrives on campus for revenue stream

By Salvador Godoy, Staff Writer

After the Sustainability Committee unveiled a deal with Signal Outdoor Advertising last fall to bring profitable recycling bins to the college, the new containers have arrived on campus.

Buildings and Grounds Manager Bruce King said the six bins were installed two weeks ago and the company will contribute by paying the college $300 per month.

“The small amount of money can make a lot of a difference. We’re glad we have this new addition at the college,” King said.

The bins around campus contain three slots for cans, glass and plastic. The hope is that they create a cleaner, more efficient recycling effort on campus. With the arrival of the bins, the plan is that the college is transformed into an eco-friendly campus. Hopes are that students will understand on how to properly recycle on campus to prevent future waste confusions.

Anthropology adjunct professor Lisa Schwappach-Shirrif said, “I find it easier as now students will learn how to suitably recycle on campus and know which waste item goes where.”

According to the Signal Outdoor website, the advertising group operates more than 500 advertising kiosks on 80 college campuses in the U.S., targeting the 18 to 24-year-old market.    

Two new containers were placed by the Applied Arts Building — one at the main entrance downstairs and one by the Three Seasons Restaurant, one at the Bookstore, one in the Gym Annex Building, one at Library and Learning Resource Center and one by the Students Services Center.

“We placed them at locations where we think students often eat their food and snacks,” King said.

If enough recycled material isn’t collected in a certain area, that bin will be moved to another location on campus. King said the committee doesn’t have long-term plans to order more bins for now.

“The new campus center buildings (which open this fall) will be the perfect spot,” King said. A bin or two may be moved to that area this fall.

The college expects to target new advertisers, from on-campus programs to local and corporate businesses, to place advertisements on the bins. Program contributors will finally have a new beneficial source to advertise upcoming events and products for students.

Culinary arts department Chairperson Nader Sharkes said, “In the future, we have do have plans to advertise our events and food items, after we move to the new Student and Administration.”