Faulty signage misleads cyclists

By Jaleel Perry, Advocate Staff

Misleading signs on campus are soon to change to better regulate wheel travel through campus. The current signs are labeled, “Use of skateboards, inline skates and bicycles are prohibited.”

Building and Grounds Manager Bruce King said the wording of the signs does not accurately express the rules they want to enforce on campus but are the district’s standard signs.

The signs are located at the three entrances to campus and have been there since the end of the spring 2016 semester, King said.

He said the signs were created to prohibit “irresponsible” riders on campus. However, the language on the signs has drawn complaints from many students, as well as staff, who feel the sign should exempt people who use their bikes responsibly.

“I think CCC needs to regulate riding bikes instead of prohibiting it,” Automotive Technician Jim Gardner said. King and Gardner are both part of the Sustainability Committee and said they are dissatisfied with the signs’ wording.

“(It) makes us seem hypocritical, but we’re just trying to make it safe for pedestrians. We even host a Bike to School Day to encourage people to ride their bikes to school. We just want people to ride responsibly,” King said.

Bike to School Day is an annual event on May 12 to encourage students and staff to ride their bikes to the college.

Police Services Lt. Tom Holt said the signs were initially put up because there were so many complaints about irresponsible bike riders, and hover boards being ridden in hallways.

“I was told that if we didn’t have signs, the courts wouldn’t enforce the ticket,s” Holt said. However, complaints were made when the signs were placed on campus. Business major Kennedy Magana said, “I don’t like that I can’t ride my bike on campus. What if I’m late and my class is all the way across campus? I think they should allow people to ride their bikes on campus.”

King said Police Services officers are working on changing the language on the signs to make the rules clear.

Holt said he agrees bicycles are a great way for transportation. The sign that is currently under works says, “Skateboarding, scooter, inline skating and hoverboarding are prohibited beyond this point. Riding bicycles is prohibited on all sidewalks and pedestrian walkways. Violators will be cited PER C.V.C 21113(f).”

Holt said that this is not 100 percent approved, but the wording is close to what people on campus are asking for.

English major Eric Martin said, “I don’t like having to walk my bike around campus to find a bike rack. I’m glad there are new racks, but I would enjoy it if we had more freedom riding our bikes on campus.”

“I think it’s silly. Why would we make new bicycle racks if we can’t ride our bikes on campus?” Gardner asked.

He said sister college Diablo Valley regulates bike riding on campus and that is the way it should be here.

When the language on the signs is changed, Gardner said, the instructions will be cleared up for students to be able to follow their intent.