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Drills send campus into active safety prep

By Gabriel Quiroz, Staff Writer

October 10, 2018

There have been active shooters on school campuses across the nation and with no sign of gun regulation in sight it seems that colleges, schools and communities must work together on this issue or at least be prepared to face...

Upgraded lighting improves visibility, safety

By Dan Hardin, Staff Writer

October 3, 2018

The inseparable relationship between mankind and light is best shown through a student’s need for light while walking alone on campus at nighttime. The approaching winter means it gets dark earlier and night students will often...

Police Services app helps maximize safety

By Jessica Suico, News Editor

September 11, 2018

An app to help students and faculty feel safer and for police officers to respond quicker on campus has been established. CampusShield offers a quicker option to contact Police Services or a local police departmen...

Faulty signage misleads cyclists

By Jaleel Perry, Advocate Staff

October 21, 2016

Misleading signs on campus are soon to change to better regulate wheel travel through campus. The current signs are labeled, “Use of skateboards, inline skates and bicycles are prohibited.” Building and Grounds Manager...

‘ROBOCOPP’ deters assaults using sound

By Cody Casares, Photo Editor

April 11, 2016

Personal safety is an everyday concern for those who find themselves walking through Contra Costa College alone at night. ROBOCOPP, a company based out of Oakland, provides a wearable “sound grenade” that is about the si...

Deteriorating foundations

Deteriorating foundations

November 19, 2014

The Student Voice Of Contra Costa College, San Pablo, Calif.