Associated Student Union fails to fill positions

By Ryan Geller, News Editor

With the lackluster participation in student governance this semester and the pending departure of many of the current office holders, the Associated Student Union is hoping to make successful recruitment tools out of Club Rush and the upcoming ASU general election.

The ASU held nominations last week for applicants but several of the positions that are up for election remain without a candidate.

The ASU will re-open the nomination process at their next meeting today to see if the remaining positions can be filled. The ASU’s issue seems to be finding candidates that have a full semester of service as an ASU senator — the prerequisite required to run in the general election.

Positions that are without a candidate in the general election will be selected from ASU senators and voted into office by the ASU board, according to ASU adviser Joel Nickelson-Shanks.

CCC and Middle College High School students can apply to become an ASU senator if they attend four consecutive ASU meetings, obtain 50 supporting student signatures and maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA while registered for a minimum of six units.

So far, all the candidates selected will be running without opposition. According to the ASU by-laws, candidates who are unopposed must still run in the yearly general election.

Many of the ASU members will be leaving at the end of this semester so this is an important election, ASU Vice President Esmeralda Topete said.

ASU President Alex Walker-Griffin is the only office holder who is running for re-election.

“Typically, you can feel out who wants to move up the ladder, but this year we are in a unique position with some MCHS students graduating and other students transferring out,” Walker-Griffin said.

Walker-Griffin, who served as vice president in the 2016-17 school year and is now running for a second term as ASU president, describes his platform as one of inclusion.

“I feel that we have done really good work this past year supporting clubs so more students can become actively engaged,” Walker-Griffin said. “I am proud of standing with students and getting the sanctuary resolution worked out with other schools in the district.”

Advocacy is one of the most effective powers of the ASU according to Walker-Griffin.

“By law, all committees that make decisions involving students must have a student present and it is ASU members that go to those committee meetings. In meetings here on campus or at the district or state level, I try to give the perspective of what I hope represents many of students at CCC.”

Walker-Griffin said that he surveys the needs of students through the ASU suggestion box and by word of mouth from students on campus.

During the development of the Guided Pathways program, which is intended to streamline a student’s path to graduation, Walker-Griffin said that he urged administrators to take into account students with more life constraints like work or family, and to consider students who have failed or dropped a class.         

Political science major and COPA Club member Chris Miller is an ASU senator who is running for vice president. He said he plans on working to diminish mistakes of time management by the ASU board.

“I come from a background that is music focused. I have been in a band for seven years. I think it would be great to coordinate a schedule of student performers in the campus plaza or even hire local musicians to liven up some of our campus events,” he said.

Miller said that CCC is more than just a place to come to school and quickly move on. He sees unique potential in CCC’s creative community. 

Camilo Alberto-Cisneros is a culinary student who is currently running for vice president of clubs.

“I would like student government to connect more with the culinary department where I am also a student leader,” Alberto-Cisneros said. “The Food and Wine Event is coming up on April 22 and I am helping with the organizing.”

“I think it’s important for ASU and clubs and students to come out and support. I think its important for all of us to support the events here on campus.”