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Undocumented students cannot share in Food & Wine’s success

By Editorial Board

April 24, 2018

Every year local celebrities, vendors and residents come together in the name of food, wine and the opportunity to offer culinary arts students a chance to travel the world at the annual Food and Wine Event, held on Sunday. B...

Plot blooms, produces healthy options

By Dan Hardin, Advocate Staff

September 20, 2017

The garden maintained by the culinary arts department and volunteers exemplifies the self-sustainability that the department emphasizes. Culinary arts department Chairperson Nader Sharkes said he gets help from Buildings and...

Food, wine funds Italy trip

By Julian Robinson, Advocate Staff

April 18, 2017

Local vendors from all over the bay area will be participating in the Food and Wine event Sunday  at The Fireside Hall. Proceeds from the event will fund 10 students on a 3 week trip to Italy at the Marco Polo Institute at the en...

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