Food, wine funds Italy trip

Culinary arts raises money through annual event

By Julian Robinson, Advocate Staff

Local vendors from all over the bay area will be participating in the Food and Wine event Sunday  at The Fireside Hall.

Proceeds from the event will fund 10 students on a 3 week trip to Italy at the Marco Polo Institute at the end of this springs semester.

Tickets purchases are $35 in advance and $40 at the door and include a souvenir wine glass.

“We will be expecting a little over 1,000 people and this is our 10th annual so we do expect this event to be a good one,” Culinary arts department Chairperson Nader Sharks said.

“Our main goal is to send our students to study the origin of Italian food at the Marco Polo institute. This fundraiser provides that”

Every restaurant will bring their signature dish and they will promote that at the event. Some of the vendors were once students in the culinary program at CCC.

The Italy alumni’s are students who have been to Italy in the past with Sharkes and will have a booth at the Food and Wine event.

The Alumni’s will be serving some of their Original Italian dishes such as Italian meats, pasta dishes, bruschetta and more.

Italy Alumnus and former Culinary arts students Linda Montano said, “the fact that we host these events to sponsor us to Italy is amazing because it expands our cooking skills.  We go to Italy to learn how to cook Mediterranean cuisine and to get to learn a cultural style of cooking. Going to Italy was the best experience of my life if I could go back and do it over I wouldn’t change a thing.”

She said “Chef Nadar sends certain people to Italy because he see’s potential and dedication while we’re here on campus, he see’s that certain people want to be better and he gives that push, I think it’s great”

There is going to be a much older crowd at this event compared to others because there will be wine served at the event. ” “Younger people will be able to participate but it’s typically an older crowd,” culinary arts student Isaiah Hardin said.

He said there isn’t any theme or specific food or wine that will be served for the fundraiser but every participant will be displaying their best dishes and best wines.

Culinary arts student Julianna Payne said, “I help seek donations for the fundraiser. I try to get participants to the here to bring their restaurant’s best food and samples.”

She said There are a lot of people that turned down the opportunity to participate in the event because they don’t want to give away free food and drinks.

The event features samples of signature dishes, a cake raffle, silent and live auction. Attendees will also be gifted  souvenir wine glass and a carry bag.