Team loses third straight, fails to secure win

By Xavier Johnson, Scene Editor

Failing to end their losing streak, the Comets (3-9 overall and 1-6 in the Bay Valley Conference) lost in three sets to second place Los Medanos College (12-6 overall and 7-1 in the BVC) to extend their losing streak to three games in an away contest on Oct. 11. Contra Costa College was outplayed in all three sets scoring only 14 points in sets one and two, and just 12 in the third set. Comet coach Christy Tianero said, “This game wasn’t our best game. We had some really good touches but we dug ourselves into a hole and we couldn’t get out.” The Comets started the game off well in the first set then lost steam as the game went on, a common thread in their games this season. Right setter Angel Munar said, “We played tight and had nice ball movement in the first set.” She said when the other team goes on a run, the team struggles to recover. Despite the first set being the team’s best statistical set, the Mustangs scored 15 kills on 36 attempts against the Comets in that set. The Comets lost the first set 25-14.
Outside hitter Jacqueline Tianero (three kills on six attempts) said, even though the first set was their best statistically, the team can play better. “We just weren’t out there on the court. We didn’t have the energy,” she said. Christy Tianero said the Mustang’s offense was targeting libero Delaine Baca all game. “We worked a lot on defense this week because we knew they would target her.” Right setter Joshleen Ayson (two service aces, four digs) said the team needs to adjust during sets to combat how the team is hitting, and overall the team needs to adjust more. As the game continued in sets two and three, the Comet defense and offense started to fade and the team was forced to play from behind. In both sets the story played out the same. The Comets would play the Mustangs close early, however in the latter portion of the set the
Mustangs stormed past them. The Comets lost set two 25-14 then lost 25-12 in the third and final set. “I was disappointed,” Jacqueline Tianero said, “We played them before, so we know how they play and we didn’t play up to our potential.” Ayson said the latter two sets were moments where they went downhill and remained on that path. Coach Tianero said the team’s mentality is preventing them from winning. She said the team isn’t able to recover when the other team inevitably goes on a run against them. “It’s nothing I can do. They need to do that,” Tianero said. Due to poor air quality caused by the North Bay fires, three games were postponed or canceled. The Comets were supposed to play a home game against Mendocino College on Thursday but it had to be rescheduled. Also, the Comets were slated for two games at the Shasta College Classic, however those games were canceled. The Comets were scheduled to play tonight in the Gymnasium against the College of Alameda, but the Gym is still being used as an evacuation center for people affected by the fires.