Team earns conference victory

By Lorenzo Morotti, Sports Editor

The men’s soccer team managed to overcome a one-goal deficit during a second half rally to win its first Bay Valley Conference game of the season at Yuba College on Friday.

Contra Costa College (4-3-1 overall 1-0 in the BVC) edged the 49ers 2-1 despite ceding a first half goal off a free kick at the edge of the penalty box.

Yuba’s (1-5-1 overall, 0-1 in the BVC) lead was revoked at 65 minutes when Comet midfielder Jesus Villagrana scored a stunning 30-yard finessed shot.

Ten minutes later, Bryan Santos tapped the ball into goal off a cross sent into the penalty area to seal the Comets’ first BVC victory of the season.

Comet coach Nikki Ferguson said Villagrana hit the crossbar twice by 15 minutes into the second half before scoring. A loose ball found Villagrana 35 yards out, near the left edge of the penalty area.
Villagrana curled a right-footed long distance shot just inside the far post. He said, “I (won) the ball in the attacking third. I noticed the keeper was out of position and I just hit it.”

Alman said, “When (Villagrana) scored, it was then that our belief flooded back. We realized we had a good chance to come home with a win.”

He said the Comets missed six easy chances to score throughout the game. At the final whistle, CCC had 15 shots on goal to the 49ers’ nine.

49er striker Ivan Lopez scored after he fell to the ground in between Comet center backs Charlie Mendoza and Alman at 24 minutes into the first half. Lopez placed his shot just out of CCC goalkeeper Stephane Vanier’s reach.

Alman said, “There was not a lot (Vanier) could have done to stop that well placed shot.”Vanier ended the game with six saves.

Ferguson said that during CCC’s past three games against Skyline College, Chabot College and Yuba it has only conceded goals during set-pieces.
A set-piece is when the play is stopped because of a foul, offside, or when the ball goes past the end line for a corner kick.

He said this stat reflects the quality of the backline while defending quick breaks, and attacking drives.

The Comets will next challenge Folsom Lake College at the Soccer Field on Friday.